This myth originates from Russian and Slavic history, and depicts two maiden birds; the Alkonost (Bird of Joy) and the Sirin (Bird of Sorrow). Both birds are said to have the head and chest of a human female, with the lower half of the body and wings of a bird. This bird is typically based upon an owl, as throughout each culture, owls are perceived to be a bad omen, acting as guidance to the afterlife due to their nocturnal nature. Additionally, both maiden birds are believed to possess captivating singing voices which can be treacherous to merchants and sailors. The Bird of Joy being an innocent creature, simply singing for happiness and expression, and only ever luring people unintentionally. Whilst the Bird of Sorrow is depicted as an evil being, luring and capturing seamen for pleasure.

As you can see, for this project I produced two Collograph prints, using a cardboard plate and a range of materials to create a range of different textures, such as aluminium foil for the rocks, feathers for the wings, cling film for the ocean and glue for the skin, as well as Gold leaf for one of the images.